The MISSION of The Safer Racer Organization

Safer Racer Tour (501)C3 non-profit entity organized to educate and promote safety to all racers  so that “fun” racing does not effect their quality of life.  From parents that don’t have any experience in racing to veterans of racing that survive on racing in their blood.

Safer Racer Tour aspires to provide information on proper installation of all safety devices, including but not limited to, seats, seat belts, nets, head and neck restraints and padding.

The Board of Directors of The Safer Racer Organization allrealize that racing is a dangerous sport - sometimes deadly.

With  the boards knowledge of safety innovations from the  “been there done that” approach to the background of Dr John Melvin, a research engineer who has consulted with companies such as NASCAR, IRL and FIA on the protection of occupants in vehicle crashes and impact injuries.

We will encourage initiatives and provide a service to clearly demonstrate proper containment in an environment that uses a helmet and seat belts which will produce positive tangible results. 

It is our passion that all could be …..SAFER RACERS at ANY SPEED.

Randy LaJoie