The "Safer Racer Tour" is one of the most valuable tools in auto racing for the promotion of safety. He hits those tracks that draw good crowds and lots of race drivers but don't get the attention they deserve and are often out of the ''information loop'' on safety. Randy's emphasis on seats, helmets and seat belts really helps these people understand what can happen in a race car. And, when it comes to them from a former NASCAR champion such as Randy LaJoie, who himself has been in some bad wrecks, they listen... and listen well. SRT is a great endeavor and needs to go to even more tracks and racing industry shows!

Humpy Wheeler
former President and General Manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway


Like anyone else in the racing community, we are always concerned about the element of driver safety along with the serious circumstances that can arise when safety issues are not strictly adhered to. That was the catalyst behind inviting Randy LaJoie to visit one of our series' events held at the Havasu 95 Speedway, in Lake Havasu City-Arizona. His safety seminar, as well as his demonstration of the innovative equipment created by his company, was both well presented and received. The demonstration was also a vivid reminder for us to frequently evaluate our series' safety procedures to insure they are up to modern day standards. Randy LaJoie is welcome to visit our series anytime.

Dave Grayson – Lucas Oil Series

We have had Randy LaJoie and his Safer Racer program come to Virginia Motor Speedway on several occasions and feel that his program has greatly improved the safety and safety equipment knowledge of our racers. The program has been instrumental in getting our competitors to think more about their safety and how their current safety equipment is properly installed.

Dave Seay
Virginia Motor Speedway
Director of Sales, Marketing and Public Relations

Randy and Johnny with the Joie of Seating is doing an excellent job of educating race teams on the safety innovations the drivers now have access to from the drivers' devices to the inside cockpits of these Dirt Late Models, their becoming safer every day. The SAFERRACER tour has came to our events and were thankful to have Randy and his crew educating these teams and our officials and fully support their commitment to the sport.

Chris Tilley
Race Director for Southern All Stars Dirt Racing Series
Announcer & PR Director for Schaeffer's Oil Southern Nationals Series

The Joie of Seating is very passionate about racer safety and they have been a pioneer in making the cockpit of IMCA race cars a safe and comfortable environment. Randy and his team have personally brought their Safer Racer campaign to IMCA's biggest events and we wholeheartedly endorse their mission. We are proud to partner with them in their crusade and support their efforts.

Kevin Yoder
Marketing Director